House Sparrows now Living in Artificial Nests – Thanks to Rakesh Khatri !!

Since we started living in the closed environment of air conditioned rooms, we have stopped thinking about the important of different species of birds and animals. The uncontrolled deforestation and repeated cutting of trees around the rivers and lakes have made it impossible for small birds like house sparrows to live in the cities. In […]

Baby Eastern Bluebirds

Artificial Nests Help Birds Survive in Cities

This Environmentalist Teaches Kids How to Make Them Deforestation and urbanisation often render birds homeless. As a solution for this, an environmentalist is teaching children to make artificial nests. Delhi-based environmentalist Rakesh Khatri is the founder of an NGO called Eco Roots and he believes that artificial nests can help birds sustain themselves in cities. The NGO […]

गौरैया के आशियाने को मिली नई ‘उड़ान’

एक जानेमाने शायर से किसी ने पूछा। सबसे ज्यादा मजा कैसी शायरी को लिखने में आता है। उन्होंने जवाब दिया- ‘जिंदगी के फलसफे को लेकर लिखी गई शायरी’। फिर उनसे पूछा गया। वैसे मसले पर शायरी जिसपर उन्हें दिक्कत होती है या फिर लिखना मुश्किल होता है। शायर ने तपाक से जवाब दिया- ‘हां, परिंदे। […]